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Monday, September 10, 2012

One for the enthusiasts!

The Sunday edition of the newspaper Aftenposten writes of enthusiasts in the workplace. People who can both annoy and thrill others with their extra energy.

It's hard to imagine Oslo University Hospital with its 20,000 employees, without enthusiasts. Everywhere in our great hospital are enthusiasts who really put in the little extra, which mean a lot to the patients they encounter and their associates.

Who are these people who are full of energy and enthusiasm – those who look like they have a motivation and drive unlike others?

I know some enthusiasts, and what characterizes them is their passion for their work, and their dedication and genuine concern for their fellow man. They have an unshakeable faith that something can be done to improve life for their colleagues, and unlike the rest of us who only think that we should have done something extra, they take responsibility and focus on implementation!

Have you ever noticed how a grey and heavy day at work can be light and positive when you meet a colleague who lives for their work or brings the little extra - and how contagious this optimism and cheeriness can be?

The health care sector needs all enthusiasts in pursuit of the healthcare services of the future! Take good care of them - enthusiasts also need recognition and encouragement!

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