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Monday, September 10, 2012

Turn back time

The office of the Clinic of Innovation is located in building 2 at Ullevål hospital. The building is from 1920 and was used as a residence for sick sisters who were in training while working in the hospital.

We who work here today often think of what it must have been to work as a nurse in 1920 or in 1887, which was the year it all started. Wednesday 5th of september we almost experienced turning back time.
Ullevål Hospital celebrated its 125th birthday and invited people to the birthday celebration in the museum. The museum is housed in Building 24 and is one of the oldest buildings left.

We were greeted by uniformed guards and great nurses in uniforms from the time period. Apple juice, cakes and fruit was served. We got a tour of the museum by Sidsel Lundin, who told us about the hospital's development from 1887 to the present day.

Rolf Kåresen informed about a newly established website:
www., a website where you collect digital interviews and photo material from our various hospitals locations. Paul Linnestad put us back in Christiania in 1800 to really get us to see how much Christiania and Oslo has grown in size over these years. Sidsel Lundin told the nurses' history.
It's sometimes nice to stop and look back to appreciate what we have today, and actually dare to be a little proud of the development from 1887 to 2012!
The link shows you an overview of Oslo University museums.

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