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Monday, October 15, 2012

Good news of no use?

A burning desire: that employee commitment and effort gets their rightful space in the media - and that the correct information is not rewritten on the way out of the hospitals ...

Close together in a ring. Muttering from ear to ear. The whisper game. One of my favorite childhood games. Always exciting to hear what the original story had become as it had moved through whispers from the first to the last person in the ring ...

I often have the same feeling inside the hospital. The agenda is set by the media. The good stories - patients' feedback and employee engagement – do not reach the outside world. In journalism good news might as well be synonymous with nothing new? Who is then supposed to help us? I'm just asking.

Meanwhile - a rose to the Division of patients and relatives education. They’ve put focus on how we can create trust and good conversations - see their story:

- Kari K

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