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Monday, November 26, 2012

Innovative freshful delights

My dream is an innovation institute where the most tempting ”freshfood delights” of innovative improvements could be viewed, shared and enjoyed.

While in general, the quality and supply of semi-finished and off-the-shalf goods gets better and better, there is an increased demand for tempting fresh food deligths…. To the benefit of the commercial sector such as the Norwegian salmon inudstry, that so far has succeeded in improving the nutritional value of both the industry and our nutritional standards. An excellent example of the value of innovative Norwegian heads.

Health care needs innovation. It is now on the agenda, with great help from the NHS in England, who put focus on innovation. But the question is: how do we succeed making innovation is an arena for true sharing - where interaction, regional boundaries, management levels and lines between business and the public sector do not store and ripen semi-finished goods so long that the dust grows and the products become out of date?

I have several reflections on the matter after years in charge of Innovation at Oslo University Hospital. To implement innovation - not just keeping it at a rhetorical level – requires an entrepreneural effort. But fortunately considerable innovative acitivity is currently taking place regarding important hospital issues such as waiting times, cancer treatment organization collaboration between hospitals primary health care. That enables collaboration with industry on the upcoming new aspects of health care.

Innovation should be a NODE function with several tools to share innovative solutions and serve them as fresh and tempting goods  to all public health care stakeholders i what we urgently need. All health care regions are hereby invited, municipalities and the health care services. Further, the research council and Innovation Norway are needed ingredients in our effort...
How do we best create a showpiece together - no pressure to buy - filled with fresh temptations? - Kari K

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