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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Keeping organized

It is important to get an overview of the current workflow before implementing changes.

The Clinic of Innovation has several ways to obtain such a view - whether we map the process flow ourselves - or use service designers. Common to both strategies is that you work closely with staff and patients to identify bottlenecks and problem areas. It makes it easier to implement changes that will make a difference in everyday life in health care. It is important that the change has benefits for patients, families, staff and the hospital.

This is why The Clinic of Innovation focus on cost-benefit work. The purpose is to ensure quality in the innovation projects. We will make possible adjustments and optimize solutions - and prevent full-scale implementations that do not demonstrate value. To do this, we are dependent on the willingness and ability to carry out pilot studies in relevant departments. Therefore, feedback from staff, patients and their families is essential.

The role of The Clinic of Innovation is to facilitate and assist employees with ideas that can improve health care.

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vegardig said...

Great post!

You are mentioning service design as a way of working with health related challenges.

Perhaps you will find some relevant inspiration in this case by service design consultancy IDEO and how they co-developed and improved a new process for nurse knowledge exchange for one of their clients, Kaiser hospital network.

It's a truly inspiring story of organisational development and service improvement!