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Monday, November 12, 2012

Workplace creativity

What environments facilitate creativity? A recent Swedish survey of entrepreneurs has found that new and creative ideas do not appear while you’re at work. 

On the contrary, economist and author Jon Morten Melhus documents that situations where you free yourself from routines and obligations is mandatory for inventions to blossom!

Photo: Google headoffice 
So what are the creative opprotunities for our 20,000 employees at Oslo University Hospital - any room for playfulness and innovation at work? Most of us do routine work in oldfashioned white-walled hospital wards and with ”historical” furniture. 

Would we becreative if our surroundings were different?

According to Jon Morten Melhus the answer is yes; a whitewalled environment is uninspiring and opposes workplace innovation.  In the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten yesterday, a study confirms that the majority of creative ideas are born outdoors when you’re concentrating on something completely different!

Photo: Google headoffice
At our hospital we are facing a demand for an almost complete ”make-over” the next 15 years, as old buildings will be replaced by new ones and we are in the middle of a huge reorganization. We suggest that creativity and innovative solutions should fill our new hospital – and hopefully its inspiring surroundings! 

In the meantime, let us meet over a cup of coffee during working hours – a simple way of joining each other company – and – according to the above study, a great way to share innovative thinking and and creative ideas. Just remember – contact us at the Clinic of Innvoation for the idea outcome!


SL said...

Great point.

I am currently writing a research paper about a concept for "the google hospital".

I would be really interested to hear about the innovations that come out of your hospital's make-over.

The Clinic of Innovation - Idépoliklinikken said...

Thank you for your comment. Follow our blog, we will soon blog about some of our projects!

The Clinic of Innovation
Mona Helén Roenningsen