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Monday, December 3, 2012

Dream Team Innovation

- Let's put the Innovation Dream Team together and ensure that we make the most out of important match balls.

For those of us who like sports, the handball girls are exemplary. They might be a little slow out of the gates sometimes, making us all feel a little nervous. But then, just as we’re about to give up hope, they deliver. Impressive – and great fun to witness their success!
What does it take to put teams together that create success?

We can learn a lot from team sports, there is always an individual and group perspective behind every great team effort.

Health care challenges can be resolved if smart people put their heads together. Private and public organisations need to feel able to play together, and for all the various health care institutions to have one field we can play together on. Yes, we need the Knowledge Centre, Directorate of Health, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Health, the Research of Norway and Innovation Norway. But it’s also necessary for the various hospitals to talk and share challenges, and that the community health services feel that they can join.

We offer coaches - but need players - and a place to train. Are you in? - Kari K

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