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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Put YOUR wish in the wishing well...

Have you ever wanted to throw a wish into a wishing well ... and getting your wish granted?

Oslo University Hospital has recently increased the focus on the patients' experience of our hospital services. Two innovation projects are in process at the Cancer Center, where we attempt to involve patients.

For two weeks from Thursday the 4th of December, the patients at the Cancer Center at the Ullevaal Hospital have the opportunity to put their wishes in the hospital "wishing well" that stands at the main entrance to the Cancer Center.

The hospital believe that it is vital to many, if not most of our service improvement efforts, to let the patient's voice be heard and recognized as a an inspiration for change. It is, after all, the patient and their family members who experience the problems/challenges of our health care services, and know how they want it to be. It is ultimately for them that we change.

Together with the Cancer Society, Oslo Medtech and Inven2, the Clinic of Innovation has put focus on the Cancer, Surgery and Transplant Department in our hospital. One of the activities is to get input from patients through the wishing well.

The Clinic of Innovation will collect and record all the wishes that are being placed in the well, and will present these to the Cancer Center's management. We’ll also assist the department in selecting the wishes that the hospital may be able to fulfil. We hope there will be as many as possible.

The wishing well is borrowed by NRK and were used during the making of this year's Christmas calendar program. We thank the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation for the lending it to us!

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