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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thanks to all of you who have submitted your wishes

Thanks to all of you who have submitted your wishes into the "Cancer Center wishing well" at Ullevål hospital.
By the wishing well: Mona Eggen, Tone Yrvum and
Mona Helén Rønningsen

So far this week, we have received 51 wishes in the well, and the week is not yet over!

There have been many great wishes – some that should be easy to grant, and others that will require a little more work. All the wishes are about improving patient services at the hospital, the Cancer Center, and the transportation to and from the hospital.

The Clinic of Innovation will deliver all incoming wishes to the management at the Cancer Center, and bring the wishes regarding patient logistics into the two innovation projects we start in January:

1. "If the patient decided - diagnosis and treatment of suspected breast cancer" and
2. "Logistics related to radiological services - measures to streamline the service for cancer patients"

The vast majority of patients who have submitted their wishes into the well, also said that they are willing to be contacted to be the voice of cancer patients in the projects! We depend on these voices to ensure good patient experiences in our hospital.
Thanks to all of you! Next week we’ll move the wishing well to the Radium Hospital.
We also remind you that everyone who does not have access to the wishing well, can always and at any time submit their wishes to:!

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